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    Workplace accidents can range from minor to life-changing. While some accidents are due to simple clumsiness, others are the result of employer negligence. If you’re injured in the workplace due to unsafe working conditions in New Jersey, you can claim workers’ compensation benefits for your injuries.
    Unfortunately, many workplaces plan for workers’ comp, and their insurance companies have teams of lawyers that want to reduce your damages as much as possible. Working with an experienced Freehold workers’ compensation lawyer can increase your chances of a fair settlement if you’re injured on the job. If you’ve suffered a work-related accident in Freehold, NJ, consider getting in touch with Jeffrey Stripto, Esq. today for a free consultation regarding your situation.  See what clients are saying about his honest and reliable service here.

    Why Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

    Most employees who are injured at work are reluctant to seek legal advice or claim their workers’ compensation benefits by hiring an attorney to represent them. However, an experienced worker’s compensation attorney can be incredibly beneficial to your case. While some Freehold workers’ compensation claims are straightforward, we also see many complex cases, with plenty of subtleties and nuance. If you don’t understand the law, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed and stressed.
    A workplace accident can be devastating, and adding more work is often an unappealing option for workers. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney understands workers’ compensation law and will do everything possible to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

    Types of Accidents a Workers Compensation

    Attorney Handles

    Jeffrey Stripto has worked as a personal injury attorney in Monmouth County, New Jersey for 20 years, ensuring that individuals get the justice they deserve. His primary practice areas are workers’ compensation cases, Social Security Disability payments, and wrongful death cases. As a work injury attorney, he primarily handles serious workplace injuries that negatively affect people’s lives.

    Warehouse Accidents

    Warehouses can be surprisingly dangerous if employers don’t have safety measures in place. We often see injuries due to scaffolding falls and equipment malfunctions that can cause fatal or debilitating injuries. Many of our clients injured on the job struggle to return to everyday life after serious warehouse accidents.

    Construction Accidents

    Construction sites are busy and a prime location for injuries. These include:’

    • Falling objects
    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Heavy machinery malfunctions
    • Forklift injury

    Vehicle Accidents

    Employees injured while driving an employer’s motor vehicle may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These include driving:

    • Commercial heavy vehicles
    • Backhoes
    • Bulldozers
    • Bobcats

    Third-Party Claims

    You can also receive workers’ compensation in New Jersey if you were injured on the job by someone who is not an employee of your company. In this instance, you’ll file a third-party claim instead of against your employer.
    You may also file a personal injury claim at the same time. However, while you can ask for benefits for both the work-related third-party claim and the personal injury case, the workers’ compensation insurance company will often ask for a lien on one of the cases.

    Who Gets Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey?

    In New Jersey, workers’ compensation benefits apply to everyone who earns wages. These include domestic, marine, railroad, and farm workers, as well as all other employees. The only people who aren’t entitled to NJ workers’ compensation are freelancers and independent contractors. Essentially, if you earn money from an employer, you’re entitled to workers’ comp if you’re injured on the job in New Jersey and can prove negligence on the part of your employer.

    What Does New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Cover?

    Workers’ comp provides benefits to workers after a workplace accident. In many cases, the workplace has workers’ compensation insurance, which may pay out without question. However, if they refuse to pay, you will need job injury lawyers to represent you in Workers’ Compensation Courts. The benefits from workers’ compensation apply to medical treatment after a workplace accident. These benefits differ depending on the situation, the extent of the injuries, and the details of the case.

    Medical Treatment

    Companies are obligated to pay 100% of all appropriate medical treatments that injured workers may incur. However, the insurance company will choose the treating physician, and going to another doctor or practitioner may result in the insurance company refusing to pay.  You may also find that the workers’ compensation insurance company has different opinions about ‘necessary’ medical treatments, leaving you with the difficult choice of paying for some medical treatment yourself.
    After such a situation, the only recourse is to contact a law office or attorney to fight on your behalf. Don’t let insurance companies deny you your rightful workers’ compensation benefits. By working with the best workers’ compensation attorneys, you can get all the medical treatment you need, giving you the best chance for recovery possible.

    Temporary Disability Benefits

    An injured worker can get 70% of their average weekly wage as disability payments. These payments stop once the injury heals and the employee can resume working for their employer.

    Permanent Disability Benefits

    Permanent injuries can qualify for permanent disability payments covering a portion of lost wages due to the work-related injury. In some instances, these may include medical treatment after the initial accident. However, getting a permanency award can be extremely difficult, and many aspects are contentious, including the value of the claim and the monthly payments. It’s vital to work with an experienced law firm that understands your workers’ compensation claim.

    Death Benefits

    Many people don’t consider going to attorneys after losing a family member in a workplace accident. However, you may be entitled to death benefits that can range from funeral cover to loss of income for minors. In this case, we recommend to all of our clients that you contact workers’ comp attorneys as soon as possible. It gives us enough time to start preparing your case while you focus on your grief.

    Finding the Right NJ Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for You

    There are plenty of different Freehold workers’ compensation attorneys around Monmouth County in New Jersey. Finding the right one for your case can feel particularly challenging, especially after being injured at work and fighting to recover. Just like with a personal injury law firm, this means that your workers’ compensation attorney will offer you a no obligation consultation before taking on your workers’ compensation claim. This session allows the law firm to decide if you have a case after you briefly describe the situation.
    It’s a good idea to use this consultation as a way to decide if the Freehold lawyer is the right fit for you, both professionally and personally. If the workers’ compensation attorney decides to take your case, you can expect them to handle any interactions with your employer. Both the workers’ compensation attorneys and the client need to feel comfortable working with each other. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will quickly identify whether you have a case after you explain your situation.
    Don’t be shy to shop around for the right Freehold workers’ compensation lawyer for you. Start with top-rated attorneys and use your free consultation to decide on the best workers’ compensation lawyer for you.

    Leading Workers Comp Lawyer in Freehold

    Families looking for a cozy town with a suburban feel will enjoy what Freehold has to offer. The city is littered with grocery stores, retail outlets, and other convenient amenities to make life in Freehold extremely easy. Freehold is full of quiet neighborhoods with residents from various professional backgrounds. The offices of Jeffrey Stripto Esq. are proud to reside in beautiful Freehold, New Jersey. 

    Activities in Freehold

    Freehold has come a long way from its farming origins. After major corporations like Nestle and 3M set up large production facilities in Freehold, the town’s growth skyrocketed from the massive influx of new residents.  Many Freehold residents love spending time at one of the many beautiful beaches nearby. Hunting and fishing are also extremely popular in Freehold, and people typically find themselves at Turkey Swamp Park. Here, you can find several trails that are marked for bow hunting. The state does a fantastic job of preserving the park and keeping everything clean and rustic. You can also do a bit of boating, and the park is full of picnic areas and playgrounds for social gatherings. However, make sure to bring bug spray as the park can be full of mosquitos and other pesky insects.

    Freehold Landmarks

    Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County

    If you’re in Freehold, checking out the Jewish Heritage Museum is definitely worth the time. With a small entrance fee, it’s an excellent place to read up on the town’s Jewish history. The museum itself is an old barn that was once owned by a Jewish settler, which makes the experience even better. Sometimes the museum holds special events and viewings and offers special programs for children. 

    Oakley Farmhouse

    If you want to know what it was like to live like the first settlers in New Jersey, then the Oakley Farmhouse is a fantastic place to visit. You’ll learn exactly what life was like for the early settlers. It’s an excellent experience for kids and adults.

    Freehold Courthouse Information

    The Freehold Municipal Court is located at 71 Monument Park in Freehold, right off Route 33 E. The standard hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, but you must submit all complaints before 3:00 pm.  If you’re looking for a reliable workers comp lawyer in Freehold, NJ, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. To get to our office from Freehold, take Highway 79 S to Willow Brook Road. Then, continue on N-33 E to NJ -34 S and take the exit for Allaire Road in Spring Lake Heights. Turn left onto Allaire Road, then turn right onto Warren Avenue, then turn right onto NJ-71, and you’ll find our offices directly across from the Spring Lake Tap House.


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